Fresh Out of Fucks Heart Necklace

Sour Cherry
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After a tiring long week of not giving a damn, it’s now time to tell the world how you feel! This rock and roll accessory was designed especially for all the badass bitches that aren’t afraid to show their feelings! This necklace features a sassy silver Perspex heart, with the fierce quote ‘Fresh Out Of Fucks’ engraved on it and then filled with black paint, all while swinging on a delicate silver-plated chain. Show the world your true feelings with this quirky piece!

Made in our Sheffield studio, there is only a limited number so get it while you can!

Made from Silver Perspex (Not Metal)

Hung on a Silver Plated Chain (please choose the length you would like, 18 inch is the standard length)

Heart measures 4cm wide x 3.6cm high