Furry Legs Club Pin- Rain Rescue-Enamelled

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Welcome to the Furry Legs Club! A club devoted to lovin them little pupper legs! Join the club with your official Furry Legs Club Pin! Damn doggo, those legs looking cute today!

All £3 profit goes towards Rain Rescue animal sanctuary.

'Rain Rescue are a Registered Charity (1115089) founded in 2002. We are dedicated to supporting the local community by ensuring the provision of a reputable rescue centre to help pets in true crisis. Rain Rescue has saved the lives of thousands of dogs and cats from crisis situations in and around Yorkshire. Primarily savings dogs due to be put to sleep in the stray kennels and cats abandoned on the street who have no one else to care for them.'

Please take a look at their website and some of the amazing work they do for innocent animals. http://www.rainrescue.co.uk/what-we-do/

Pin is 3cm x 3.2cm
Comes on a metal pin with pin back.
Hand drawn by us in our Sheffield workshop!