About Us

Welcome to Sour Cherry Handmade Jewellery!

Hi, so you've come here to learn a bit more about us, well we don't like to waffle on so here are the important parts-

*We're a small independent jewellery maker. We make all our own label in our workshop
*We're based in the Steel city of Sheffield
*We love weird fun jewellery
*We're named after the sweets
*We stock our own label plus other labels based in the UK and Worldwide

Our names are Kayleigh and Jess, and we are a team of two sisters, who both share a love for fun, crazy and colourful things!

This is us! (Not now obviously) But back when we was little nippers and had no idea what the future held for us.

From Left: Jess (In my fancypants knitted cardigan, thanks nannan), Kayleigh (In her red platform sandals, because 90's) and Nick (Our brother)


And this is us now! (Well at Christmas)

From the right: Kayleigh, Jess, Nick and right at the front is our selfie loving mum, Cheryl.

Here's a little bit about us:

Kayleigh (AKA Lady Boss)

29, Crazy Cat Lady, Veggie.

Favourite Tv Show/Movie: Futurama, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul.

Favourite Musician/Artist: Beyonce, The Killers, Mumford and Son's, Nsync, Backstreet Boys, James Bay

Favourite Food: Pizza, Ben and Jerry's, Galaxy.

Favourite Sour Cherry Piece: Eye See You Necklace.


21, Drama Queen, Traveler, Baker.

Favourite Tv Show/Movie: Orange Is The New Black, Homes Under The Hammer, Family Guy.

Favourite Musician/Artist: Beyonce, Mcfly, Disclosure, Foo Fighters, Rupert Holmes

Favourite Food: Heinz Ketchup, Guacamole, Brownies, Sushi, Yorkshire Puddings

Favourite Sour Cherry Piece: Outta This World Collection.

How did Sour Cherry come around?

Lets rewind to 7 years ago! Kayleigh was just 21 when she started to design and make jewellery from scratch, spending hours in our parents garage, listening to Destiny's Child, experimenting with different materials and designs all day and night. While me, (Jess) age 13 at the time, would sit quietly and watch (and by that, i mean i would sit and touch everything, sing as loud as i could and push her to the edge of insanity, but that's what little sister's are for, right?). 

Then in 2009, Sour Cherry was born! We started selling our jewellery online and at craft fairs, and our customer's couldn't get enough! We grew bigger and better! We was able to afford a proper workshop, with bigger and better equipment, which meant better designs and materials and hey! Here we are now in 2017! In our massive workshop, pumping our new, fresh designs, making our customers happy and enjoying every single minute of it!

I hope you all enjoyed learning more about us and how we got to this point! We promise to do more 'Behind The Scenes' blogs! Remember to check back with our blogs for more exciting things to come! 

We accept payment through paypal or by debit or credit card through stripe, everything is secure and you don't need a paypal account to use paypal, but it does speed checkout up.
Order Times
We try and dispatch all orders in 1-3 working days, most are sent in this time but sometimes we need to make more stock and it can take a little longer.


**What are your chains/earrings made from**

Our chains and earrings are silver plated or gold plated. We are currently introducing sterling silver and stainless steel options to the products we can

**How long will my order take to come?**

It takes us 24-48 to process orders at the minuet. We ship 1st Class recorded so if you are in the UK you should have your order within 5 working days and international customers will depend on the location but 2 weeks max.

**My Order hasn't arrived**
You can check the status of your order online, when it has been shipped the tracking number will be added, you can use this to on the royal mail website. If your order was dispatched longer than 5 working days ago (don't count the weekends) and your in the UK then send us an email through your account and we will find out what has happened. International customers should wait 14 working days for there order to arrive before contacting us.

 **Do you still have a shop**

We currently have a shop inside Afflecks palace in Manchester, we are located on the 2nd floor across from black milk and chocolate ape sweet shop.