The key to keeping your jewellery looking great is knowing how to look after the metal.

Overall, we do recommend keeping your jewellery away from water / perfumed products/chemicals, to keep them looking their best. 


We also have a metals guide to help you understand your jewellery. 

How to look after Sterling Silver:

-       Sterling Silver is a high maintenance metal.

-       It is a precious metal that tarnishes easily.

-       The best way to clean this is with a polishing cloth or liquid cleaner.

-       A liquid cleaner is best for chains and severe tarnishing.

-       Polishing cloths are best for routine cleaning.

-       Town Talk is a reliable brand to use.

How to look after Stainless-Steel & Titanium:

-       They are both hard-wearing metals.

-       They do not require much upkeep. 


If you prefer to keep your jewellery on without having to worry about it, easy to look after metals such as stainless steel or titanium will be best for you. 

How to look after plated jewellery:

-       Gold Plated jewellery requires slightly more care to ensure the gold continues to look new.

-       To ensure the colour does not dull or eventually fade (after continual wear) keep your jewellery away from water / perfumed products/chemicals.

How to look after Base / Alloy metals:

-       This contains a mix of metal, typically copper & zinc.

-       As it contains copper, there is a chance it can tarnish and turn green without proper care.

-       Ensure you remove your jewellery before coming into contact with water / perfumed products / chemicals.