Let's Talk About Stainless Steel

304 Stainless steel is an alloy made up of mainly chromium, nickel and carbon. I know most people see nickel and run a mile but it has a very low release rate in jewellery which means most people don’t have any reaction to wearing it.

It’s also very resistant to chemicals which means it doesn’t tarnish. This makes it very strong and very hard wearing


What is 925 Sterling Silver

925 Sterling silver is a precious metal made from 92.5% silver and usually 7.5% copper. Again most people don’t have a reaction to the copper as it’s such a low percentage but please be aware it can happen.


The Differences Between Stainless Steel and 925 Sterling Silver

925 Sterling silver

Stainless steel

  • Is a precious metal, any pieces over 7.7g need a hallmark by law, increasing the price.
  • Is not a precious metal, is cheaper than sterling silver.
  • Will tarnish and needs cleaning regularly.
  • Will not tarnish (but please note it can be scratched)
  • Is a soft metal and can be easily bent or broken.
  • Is hard, it can be broken but is better for everyday wear.
  • Contains no nickel.
  • Contains nickel but has a low release rate so is generally classed as hypoallergenic for most people.


I hope this helps explain some of the basics of metals and the differences between sterling silver and stainless steel.

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