F A Q s

Hey guys we are getting messages and comments out our new site so i just wanted to post about it here so its all in one place.

Why have your prices gone up?

Our prices have increased as we are now using 925 sterling silver metal rather than plated base metal or stainless steel. Its alot more expensive but its better quality and will last you longer. Its also alot better for people with allergies.

What is 925 sterling silver?

925 sterling silver is 92.5% silver mixed with copper and zinc (the other 7.5%) to make it stronger, pure 999 silver is very soft and is rarely used for small jewellery pieces.

Why has your website changed?

We have moved our website from bigcommerce over to shopify because bigcommerce no longer suits our needs. Its something we have needed to do for a long time but its so scary because you don't know the impact (good or bad) it will have on your business but we reached a point where it was make or break. 

Why can't I log into my account?

Unfortunately we couldn't move customer accounts over to shopify so you will need to create a new one. It only takes a minute. Sorry for the inconvenience but thats one of the things we have to give up with the move. 

Where has all your old jewellery gone?

With the new website I decided that I wanted to get back to the reason i started making jewellery and that was to make fun jewellery from perspex and resin. You can still get some of our previous designs in our shop inside Afflecks in Manchester and online at www.wildernessjewellery.com

Can i get clip on earrings?

Of course! we can change our earrings to clip on or swap wires eg you want hook wires on a pair that have the kidney/loop wires. Just send us a message using the button in the bottom right hand corner or an email us at orderinfo@sourcherry.co.uk.