Champagne Supernew-Year Earrings

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  • Champagne bottle charm is cut and engraved from frosted green acrylic and hand painted by us.
  • Champagne glass is cut from transparent glitter star acrylic and filled with colour resin.
  • Cork and bubble stud are cut from Birch wood and hand painted. with gold glitter paint
  • Birch wood is BB Grade and FCS Grade.
  • UK made paint.
  • Cork stud measures 18mm x 12mm
  • Bubble stud measures 18mm x 14mm
  • Champagne bottle charm measures 54mm x 14mm
  • Champagne glass measures 49mm x 34mm
  • Total measurement of earrings are 74mmx 14mm/69mm x 34mm
  • Made by us, in our Manchester Studio
  • On 925 sterling silver studs, including all fittings are also 925 sterling silver.
  • £24.00
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